Rimowa Drops Its Aluminum-Crafted Watch Case in a Stylish Black Hue – Robb Report

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Rimowa Drops Its Aluminum-Crafted Watch Case in a Stylish Black Hue – Robb Report

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Two years ago, Rimowa debuted a “mini suitcase” for storing your favorite watches. The German luggage maker is now offering the case in a stealthier hue. 

Much like the previous release in bare metal, the Rimowa watch case in black is crafted from anodized aluminum and sports a trio of Rimowa’s signature details. These include its name spelled out in the brand’s signature typeface, its logo and the vertical rilled grooves that give the recognizable bags their stability. Designed to seamlessly fit in luggage and travel bags, the minimalistic case measures 10 by 4 inches and weighs a light 2.8 pounds.  Related Stories The 15 Best Socks to Keep You Warm This Winter, From Bombas to Brunello Cuccinelli The 15 Best Henley Shirts for Men, From Tom Ford to Rag & Bone From Saks Fifth Avenue to Kith: Retailers Are Now Charging You to Make Returns

To reveal the inner compartment, simply tug at either end of the case. The three padded cushions inside are removable and made of a soft microfiber material. Each of the cushions dons Rimowa’s classic emblem that features the letter “M” inside of a rhombus with rounded angles, which creates an overlap. While the case’s outer grooves are inspired by 1950s aviation (like the brand’s suitcases), its emblem is inspired by the silhouette of the Cologne Cathedral, a monument set in the city where the company was founded in 1898.

The interior of the German-made case has a sunken design that safely holds your favorite pieces in place. It’s designed this way to keep your Audemars Piguet, Cartier or even Patek Philippe grails safe from scratches when en route. But if they were to come loose from rough TSA handling, the top of the case’s interior is also cushioned to ensure the protection of both the timepieces and its watch face—allowing you to breathe easier. 

Rimowa has become well-known for its innovative inventions, most primarily based around its bestselling luggage that comes in original, essential and classic styles among others. In addition to unveiling its first watch case this November, the LVMH-owned brand also began selling a suitcase it developed to store your favorite wines. NBA champ and devoted wine collector, LeBron James, was first to receive and preview the massive case in late September. Other unique releases from the brand have included an iPhone case and cross-body bag.

You can buy the Rimowa watch case in black now via its webstore for $2,470. The drop is limited to one case per customer while stock lasts and comes with a two-year warranty.

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Rimowa Drops Its Aluminum-Crafted Watch Case in a Stylish Black Hue – Robb Report

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